bunnAI: Revelations of a Robotic Rabbit

Help bunnAI the Robotic Rabbit on her adventure to destroy the evil agents from G.R.R.R and collect the Carrox that were stolen from the secure facility, HUTCH.

– Collect Carrox to increase your vault score.
– Dodge G.R.R.R (Get Revenge on the Robotic Rabbit) machinery to stay alive.
– Destroy G.R.R.R agents and get money to buy upgrades to collect even more Carrox.

A 2D pixel endless side-scrolling collector shooter dodge ’em up!

Collect as many Carrox as you can while dodging the traps and compare your scores with your friends on the leaderboards!

Game Features:

  • Weapon upgrades
  • Alternative outfits with bonuses
  • Achievements
  • Leaderboards

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